Saturday, March 6, 2021

BCP launches manifesto amid fanfare

Opposition Botswana Congress Party (BCP) members from all the corners of the country this week descended onto the grounds of Maruapula, with party leader Dumelang Saleshando unveiling the party’s much-awaited manifesto.

The party hopes the document will help it coast to victory in the national elections slated for October.

BCP hopes to triumph even in the much-talked about Gaborone Central constituency, where Saleshando has been the incumbent Member of Parliament for the past two five year terms.

“To you fellow comrades I say go to your respective constituencies and campaign for the elections. I will remain with my team and be reassured of victory in Gaborone central constituency,” Saleshando told his followers.

In clinching the majority vote in Gaborone Central, the BCP aims to win in all the six wards.

“We know how to play our game and the victory is upon us come October. Our target is 29 constituencies and arithmetically and in accordance with the country’s constitution BCP will automatically have won the game,” Saleshando said.

Led by the horses, Saleshando’s entourage including members of his shadow cabinet who hope to overturn “the decades long grip of the ruling Botswana Democratic Party since independence 1966.

Under the banner “BCP ready to lead”, the BCP president launched the party manifesto, and his his candidacy for both the presidency of the country and area Member of Parliament on Saturday.

“Gaborone Central constituency controls almost the entire government. It is where the president lives, where cabinet ministers and MP’s live including most of the civil service,” Saleshando said, adding it was against this backdrop that his party would not leave anything to chance.

For the past three national elections in which the BPC has contested, its manifesto has been launched in Gaborone Central underlining the importance of the constituency.

“We are alone in the field. We are unmarked,” Saleshando said taudience who thronged the rally, referring to easy victory against the ruling BDP and Umbrella for Democratic Change.

Besides addressing the current high unemployment rate and the deteriorating health system, the BCP manifesto attempts to tackle the deteriorating education and land policies amongst others.

All the above social policies have failed the ruling party, Saleshando said, labeling the current BDP government a “failed state.”
“They do not have alternatives to the glaring problems grappling the country. The ruling party is showing all signs of a failed state and require to be ousted from power,” he said.

“We would only take at least a year for services of land,” he promised.

The BCP promises to build factories including propping up leather firms and producing local lather products from “our local cattle industry.”

Such a development, he said, will create employment for Batswana especially among the youth.

“You often see soccer fans putting on feathers during world sports tournaments. These are feathers from the ostriches and here in Botswana we let them roam the veldt because the government has no other alternatives,” Saleshando said.


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