Wednesday, August 10, 2022

BCP on a modernization streak

The opposition Botswana Congress Party has engaged consultants to help them draft a number of policy documents and review old ones.

These policies are expected to give meat and substance to the manifesto that will be used to contest the 2009 General Elections.

BCP Secretary General, Taolo Lucas, told Sunday Standard that the policy documents include the Economic Policy, Social Security, Education and HIV/AIDS document policies.

In the past, the BCP operated with the Democratic and Development Programme as their basic blueprint, but Lucas said a deliberate position has been taken to provide more details while also being specific on a number of important issues.

“We are now developing fully fledged policies. These policies are expected to dovetail with the manifesto,” he said.
The Social Security policy document will clarify the kind of welfare services a BCP government would provide.
In addition, the document will explain in detail how such services will be financed.

“Availability of finance to see projects through is central, so our policy documents will clearly state how we intend to finance the projects that our government will be running,” said Lucas.
The policies are expected to take the BCP a few bars up as a serious contender for power.

The policies are also expected to provide answers to questions frequently asked by the ruling Botswana Democratic Party that the opposition never puts credible alternatives on the table from which the nation could choose.
On the recently signed Pact with the Botswana Alliance Movement which is a source of uneasiness to the ruling party, Lucas said there has been some discontent, but it was to be expected and is being resolved.

“The important thing is that a majority of BCP members approve of our relationship with BAM,” said Lucas.
He said a few people strongly feel the arrangement will disenfranchise them.
“To be fair to everyone, this is a big project and anxieties and resistance are to be expected. What is important is that we should assist the small dissenting group to appreciate the spirit of compromise and sacrifice inherent in every negotiations.”

Under the agreement, the BCP will have 50 constituencies while BAM will have 7.
Even under the 7 by BAM, the BCP will provide the candidates.
“We do not feel it’s a big problem. The majority of BCP members welcome the project,” said Lucas.


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