Thursday, June 30, 2022

BCP parliamentary candidate in Gabane thinks big

A month after he launched his constituency manifesto, the Botswana Congress Party (BCP) Parliamentary candidate for Gabane/Mankgodi, Nthusang Mozambia Dibe is confident that he is going to emerge victorious in the forthcoming general elections. His manifesto shows that he already has four motions to table once he gets to parliament, which he feels will make a difference in people’s lives.

In an interview, Dibe said he has prepared motions that seek to advocate for improvement of refuse disposal, a motion seeking rehabilitation of barrow pits to be done by the government to ensure their effective re-use; a motion seeking provisions for inclusion of people with disabilities in government programs and a motion seeking land audit in areas around Gaborone.

“The best way to control waste is to introduce incentives so that people find waste as money spinners other than trash that should be dumped whenever one assumes no one is watching. The fact that there are no incentives is the cause for illegal waste dumping which becomes problematic to places in the peripheries of Gaborone like Gabane and neighboring villages,” said Dibe.

His motion of waste disposal, he said will also advocate for separation of waste with a view to effectively recycle it.

On burrow pits, Dibe said the present situation where companies that are given tenders rehabilitate them and leave them without any use encourages corrupt land use.

If it was the government that rehabilitated the pits then there would not be problem of land shortage because the government would immediately put it to use, said Dibe.

“The current arrangement is the cause of controversial land ownership like the one done by tycoons like Jamali. Wealthy people get land cheaply and transform it into multi-million Pula investments while communities around the same land are left in the cold. There are many pits that are ownerless; like the one in Tsolamosese. But after a while such place would be owned by some big shots. This should be rectified,” he said.

Dibe further explained that old buildings owned by the government do not cater for disabled people. These should be transformed. He said the government programs do not cater for people with disabilities.

“When I get there to parliament I will advocate for and bring forth motions time and again to ensure inclusion of people with disabilities in programs. It should be a provision that whoever builds houses should ensure there are rams for ease of movement by wheel chairs,” he said.

The cabinet minister in the BCP shadow cabinet said his leader (Dumelang Saleshando)’s failure to convince the National Assembly of importance of land audit has not dampened his spirits on the matter.

“If we won’t be ruling and the motion is turned down we are going to mobilize the electorate to demonstrate against government. It is clear, given the number that supported the call for land audit through signature by some individuals who wanted to come up with best ways of resolving land shortage in the country that people suffer in silence. The problem of squatting is brought about by slow allocation. This should be stopped,” said Dibe.


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