Thursday, May 23, 2024

BDP denies disrupting BCP motorcade in Gabane

Botswana Congress Party (BCP) Parliamentary candidate for Gabane Mankgodi Nthusang Dibe says they have not reported Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) council candidate in Gabane who disrupted the BCP motorcade during the parliamentary and council candidates launch last weekend.

Dibe stated that the council candidate move to destruct the motorcade using her vehicle in Gabane on Saturday was disappointing more specially for leaders who wanted to be voted to represent people.

He said that they had alerted the police who were part of the motorcade but they have not opened a case against the BDP’s aspiring council candidate. Dibe said that politicians should not fight during campaigns as it is evident that some of the politicians were out to engage in physical fight.

He stated that politicians should debate and tell the voters the solution to their problems rather than wasting time fighting. He said that as representatives of the people there is a need for politicians to respect each other.

Dibe said that he was not disappointed that the councilor was trying to disrupt the motorcade.

┬á“It is not the only thing that worries us in the constituencies. We have found out that BCP parliamentary and council candidates posters were deliberately being pulled out. We do not yet know who is behind all this but what is surprising is that other parties’ posters still remain intact,” said Dibe.

He said that they feared that their campaign in the constituency is deliberately being sabotaged by individuals.

 However, the aspiring council candidate in one of the wards in Gabane, Lady Pule stated that she found herself trapped in the motorcade while she was on her way to collect some BDP members in the village.

Pule dismissed claims that she was destructing the motorcade, arguing that some members of the BCP are the ones who started distracting her while she was trying to overtake the vehicles during the motorcade.


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