Wednesday, July 6, 2022

BCP says government sidelines Francistown on developments

The Botswana Congress Party (BCP) politicians last week launched a scathing attack on the government, saying that it is intentionally sabotaging Francistown on developments, despite its status as the second city of Botswana.

The politicians, who held a rally at the Francistown bus rank, blamed the government for hiding behind the recent global economic crisis and decried the lack of funds as an excuse to develop the city.

First, it was the Councilor for Boikhutso Ward in the Francistown South Constituency, Robert Mosweu, who said that it is evident that Francistown has been left in the lurch as the city is still behind on infrastructure, with the roads that are tattered with pot holes and dilapidated old buildings.

“It is sad to note that Francistown, being a second city with a rich history, still has nothing to show that it is a city and the people continue to dwell in poverty,” Mosweu said.

He lambasted the government saying that Francistown is being sabotaged with intention by the government while other areas are given preferences for development. He questioned the government’s motive of not establishing the Botswana Railways headquarters in Francistown and failure by the government to build a district hospital to cater for the needs of patients in the North Region.

Mosweu also spat fire at the ruling party for wasting money on unnecessary projects and at the same time decrying that there is lack of funds.

He despised President Khama’s poverty eradication projects, such as Ipelegeng and constituency football tournaments, saying that they are not benefiting Batswana in anyway.

Another politician, Samuel Moribame, who is the BCP National Organizing Committee member, also attacked the BDP Members of Parliament and cabinet ministers who hail from the North East District, saying that they have neglected their people and all they care about is their own welfare. He added that the BDP government has stayed tight lipped on the continuous exploitation of minerals by the mines in the vicinity of Francistown while the city continues to be lagging behind in developments.

“Francistown is surrounded by mines such as Tati Nickel Mining Company and Mupane Gold Mine but the mines have failed to develop the city while the BDP government is keeping mum,” he said.

He went on to say that these mines could have invested in the development of infrastructure, such as the establishment of a mine hospital, which will also benefit the people of Francistown. He gave the example of the Platinum Mine of the Bafokeng in South Africa, which has benefited the Bafokeng community immensely.


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