Monday, December 4, 2023

BCP Team visits CKGR and New Xade

A team of the Botswna Congress Party Executive, led by party Vice President Dr. Kesitegile Gobotswang is scheduled to visit the CKGR and New Xade.

The BCP visit to the disputed territories follows a recent meeting called by state President Festus Mogae at which he briefed leaders from opposition about the issue.

The BCP visit also follows the resolution of their Maun Conference and the subsequent Executive Committee meeting of the 29th August 2006.
Recently Dr Gobotswang made it clear that the BCP will not support the government policy over the CKGR unless such a stance is supported by independently gathered evidence compiled by his own party.

Today (September 7) the BCP Publicity Secretary said, the Botswana Congress Party has dispatched a delegation to the Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR) to visit all areas of concern in the CKGR and meet the affected communities in the Basarwa relocation exercise.

“The team will spend two days in the CKGR visiting and meeting with the affected communities,” said Saleshando.

Other members of the team are Dick Bayford, Dumelang Saleshando, and Philip Bulawa.

During the Teams stay in the CKGR, the Team will visit both the New Xade and Old Xade.
On the 7th of September the Team will spend the day in New Xade and hold discussions with residents of that settlement.

The Team will proceed to Old Xade, where they will spend the night. On the 8th of September the Team will visit Molapo, a settlement within the CKGR where some people who are said to be opposed to relocating to the New Xade are residing.

“Perhaps it is noteworthy to observe that a meeting between the BCP Team and the First People of the Kalahari (FPK) in Lobatse on the 5th September 2006 preceded this visit. The details of this meeting will be availed for public consumption in due course,” said Saleshando.

He continued that the information gathered on this tour will be used to finalize a report on the CKGR issue and such report will be presented to the Central Committee for adoption on the 16th of September 2006.

“A party position on the CKGR issue and Basarwa shall be generated and made public,” said Sal;eshando


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