Thursday, July 18, 2024

BCP will not re-join the Umbrella

The opposition Botswana Congress Party will not retrace its footsteps to the Umbrella project negotiation table no matter what the situation as the party has resolved to go it alone.

BCP publicity secretary, Taolo Lucas, indicated that his party is more than ready to engage and oust the ruling Botswana Democratic Party from power come 2014 general elections.

At a press conference this week, the Botswana National Front leader, Duma Boko, pleaded with the BCP leadership to re-consider their stand, saying that going it alone does not benefit either of the parties, let alone the general public, who are angry over BDP’s decades long rule.

Boko cited in particular the recent Monarch West by-elections in which both the Umbrella partners and BCP lost to the ruling party.

“As of now, there is nothing to detract us from our position. We are consistent with our mission and policies and following the wishes of the party masses who decided at a national leadership forum at Palapye,” rebutted Lucas on Friday, insisting his party’s stance will, in no time, bear fruit.

Lucas said that the Botswana Movement for Democracy, the Botswana Peoples Party and the BNF political bloc is showing no sign of seriousness. Lucas pointed to the much awaited Umbrella project launch, which has suffered a string of setbacks.

“They talked about launching their Umbrella project in March, then September and today they are saying November. We, as a competitive and serious organization, cannot stand for that,” maintained Lucas, saying his party is ready with preparations for the 2013 primary elections.

“You can see how far advanced BCP is,” he said. “Unless they portray themselves as a credible and viable force we cannot reconsider our position,” adding that “as of now there is nothing to suggest so”.

“There is a lot of talk and little action on the ground,” he noted, wishing the Umbrella partners good luck in their endevours.

The parties will slug it out against the ruling BDP in the looming by-elections at Sebele, Tshikinyega Wards and Mahalapye West constituency scheduled for November 3rd.


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