Thursday, June 13, 2024

“Talking about Mugabe will not solve the problem”

Dear Editor

It seems like we are lost or maybe it’s because we have no knowledge of WHY exactly we talk about Zimbabwe.

The reason we do so is not Mugabe.
The purpose for our daily talks on Zimbabwe is not Uncle Bob but that the people of Zimbabwe are suffering.
That is our problem.

We spend the whole decade planning and scheming and talking about Mugabe but that doesn’t solve anything at all.
If anything, it fires him more because as you know when you add firewood to fire it only grows bigger.

Now because we know the problem (which is not Mugabe but the people of Zimbabwe) we should look at how we are going to help them.

People think by flying from the US and having breakfast in South Africa solves the problem.

People think appearing on BBC news far away in Europe will solve the problem.
They impose sanctions which are only felt by the poor Zimbabweans while Mugabe goes shopping in Europe and has toast and eggs every morning.
The more we sit and talk the more people die.

What we need to do is to enter into Zimbabwe and feed the people, give them clean water etc.

If anyone says anything concerning independence and sovereignty of Zimbabwe tell them to stay in Uncle Bob’s house because that’s where that thing actually is happening.
We can’t use that as a pretext not to help the Zimbabweans.

World policies are made for people by people and if people are suffering because of these then we have to change or break them in order to archive something.

Mugabe does not bring shame to us as SADC or the world.

The real shame is that we have been sitting claiming to be doing something with no progress to show for it.

Thank you.
Yours Sincerely
Tshiamo Tswaipe


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