Tuesday, April 23, 2024

BDF denies being ‘trigger happy’ after killings

Botswana Defence Force Public Relations Manager, Colonel Paul Sharp, has confirmed that they (BDF) have shot and killed two Namibian poachers.

Sharp said the poachers were shot and killed after they shot at the members of the BDF who had surrounded them and asked them to surrender.

“What does one do when he is shot at? You return fire,” Sharp said, adding that the two alleged poachers were each found with an elephant tusk and a rifle.

He refuted reports by the Namibian New Era newspaper that his men were “trigger happy”.

Sharp said that “such reports are malicious as BDF did not start shooting at innocent people but at armed poachers who shot at them first after refusing to surrender”.

He said the corpses of the two are still in Kasane Hospital and will be repatriated after all identification processes have been finalized.

The Namibian New Era has named the two deceased as Munguni Suyanga Richard and Nyambe Nyambe, both from the area around Katima Mulilo next to Kasane.

Recently, the Minister of Tourism, Kitso Mokaila, issued a warning during a Tourism Pitso that they would increase efforts to fight poaching in the country.

The BDF has been battling against poachers from Namibia and Zambia who illegally cross into the country to poach elephants for their lucrative tusks.

Several of them have been killed in the past years in the Chobe District, which has multitudes of different species of wild animals.


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