Thursday, May 23, 2024

BDF XI to appeal points’ deduction

Disgruntled army side BDF XI took a decision on Monday morning to appeal the penalty meted on them by the Botswana Premier league (BPL) to dock them of six points.

BDF XI argued that it did not have enough time to lodge its case with the Botswana Football Association (BFA) hence its decision to take BPL to court. The army side won the case involving postponement of their match against Mochudi Centre Chiefs in the courtroom last year.

However, their victory was short-lived when they lost a boardroom battle against BPL earlier this year. BDF XI was slapped with a fine of P10 000 and a six points deduction.

This has left Matebele aggrieved and last week the club vowed not to back from mounting a legal challenge against the BPL. They said they would fight the case to conclusion.

“We took a collective decision with different stakeholders to apply for appeal and then everything will unfold after that case,” said BDF XI Chairman Boikanyo Addanes in an interview on Monday.

Addanes said they are appealing this case well in time and within the structures of the BFA. He said the decision to take the BPL to court last time around did not mean they were ignorant of BFA and FIFA rules.

Addanes said they did not have enough time to go through the procedure and the league was ongoing so they sought immediate intervention at that time.

“We were aware of the laws…We did not have time and were squeezed by time but BPL was harsh on us,” said BDF XI.

In a short interview with The Telegraph BPL Chief Executive Officer Bennett Mamelodi said it is BDF XI’s constitutional right to lodge an appeal.


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