Thursday, May 23, 2024

BDP burns women!

No one in the BDP current management, not even the petulant person currently in the State House, has a name that globally carries as much weight and credibility as the name of Honourable Dr. Unity Dow. Let us start there.  Secondly, I call upon all Batswana of good reputation and name to publicly distance themselves from the BDP’s current undemocratic leadership. Without perceived associations to us people of truth, the BDP will be left to their own thuggish name. All athletes and artists or whoever has a platform and feels disappointed in the BDP, speak out! Do not let them claim any of your hard-earned success as theirs. They are clueless and all they know is to punish the ambition of women.

Let the BDP misleader and his sycophants try to stand on their leader’s own questionable qualifications without associations with people who, unlike him, love Botswana more than cheap dynasties.  Let the cruel current BDP stand alone on its Ruler’s falsehoods and falsifications alone. Even some of us who are not BDP members and never were do not want anyone to think we have any relationship with this anti-Botho President and his blood-curdling corruption at all. We want the historical record to reserve a harsh solo spotlight for him without it being softened by borrowed credibility. Honourable Dr. Dow never needed the so-called Botswana Democratic Party or whatever it is called these days for her to continue to change the world through law, activism and writing. She  chose to join them a decade ago for her own reasons but it must be stated that she always had other and better options. Why do you think Batswana almost wept when she joined the undemocratic BDP?

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