Thursday, November 30, 2023

BDP councilors plot to topple chairman Molokwe

The chairman of Kgatleng District Council, Daniel Molokwe’s future hangs in the balance as reports are surfacing that some councilors from his ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) are considering removing him from his position. 

Molokwe has said he is unfazed by the threat and describes the said councilors who want to topple him from his position as “delinquents” adding that they will be rehabilitated by the BDP.

Speaking to this publication the council chairman said he is aware of the plot to topple him. “I am fully aware of my fellow democrats who are plotting topple me from my position,” he said.

Molokwe said there are about six fellow democrats who are busy on the ground going behind his back to lobby other councilors as well as the party to remove him from his position before his term ends. “I am not aware of any wrong that I have done to these fellow councilors. I believe this might be personal,” he said.

He explained that the council took decisive decisions as the district is faced with a good number of challenges, especially unemployment among the youth. He said this gives him sleepless nights.  

He said in most cases, the alleged six councilors often disrupted and derailed the council during the debates for no apparent reason. He further said what hurt him most is that he is being accused of being a corrupt leader which he said is a blue lie. 

“I hate corruption, I am not corrupt. My hands are clean. I challenge those who allege that I am corrupt to bring any evidence to such claims,” he said. He said the party is aware of the intention of the six councillors. 

Meanwhile council secretary, Mpho Mathe, who was suspended from duty sometime last year has been reinstated.

“We do not have anything against the council secretary and we are ready to work with him always,” said Molokwe. 

“I am back at work and am ready to do my work as always,” said Mathe.

He stated that he is optimistic and looks forward to discharge his duties diligently. The Minister of Local Government and Rural Development suspended the council secretary following a letter written by councilors.


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