Monday, June 24, 2024

BDP encourages potential candidates to rally behind each other

One of the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP)’s parliamentary candidate for Shashe West constituency Ibo Kenosi has withdrawn from the race at the last minute.

The former Botswana Teachers Union (BTU) secretary general withdrew from the race after the party gave him a green light to contest for Bulela Ditswe primary elections.

BDP Secretary General, Mpho Balopi confirmed that Kenosi has withdrawn from the race after the party gave him the green light to contest.

Balopi indicated that Kensoi was one of the candidates who was billed to challenge the current Shashe West MP Fedelis Molao who is also a Minister of Tertiary Education, Research, Science and Technology.

According to Balopi, the party accepted Kenosi’s withdrawal stating that the move is geared towards building the party.

Balopi indicated that the withdrawal of candidates from challenging one another in the primaries is encouraged since it has a potential to bring the party the desired results.

He said the party encouraged some candidates to withdraw from the primaries if they wished.

 “We are still expecting more to withdraw since there have been unconfirmed reports that others have also written letters to the party asking to withdraw from the race in different constituencies,” said Balopi.

Balopi said they welcomed the move by some candidates to withdraw saying this would help in uniting the party and will not use many resources.

He said that usually there are incidents where members show allegiance to candidates and at the end of the day this causes a rift adding that this could be costly to the party.

“As a result of the latest development wherein members withdraw from standing during the primary elections, there is likelihood that peace will reign in the party,” he said.

He said that people who withdraw from the race take such move voluntarily since the party allows people to exercise their democratic rights by standing for political office.

Balopi reiterated that the party is expecting more candidates to withdraw from the race before the names of the candidates are published on Monday next week.


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