Tuesday, November 28, 2023

BDP has not given up on Rammidi

Leading members of the ruling Botswana Democratic Party have been holding meetings with the estranged former Secretary General, Kentse Rammidi, who resigned from the party on Wednesday.

Sunday Standard can confirm that BDP National Chairman, Daniel Kwelagobe, accompanied by party lawyer, Parks Tafa, have had meetings with Rammidi during which they told him the door was open for him to come back. Tafa is also viewed as one of President Ian Khama’s closest advisors. In an interview, Tafa confirmed the meetings, but said no concessions will be made to Rammidi.

“The meetings went very well ÔÇô the door is open for him to return without any conditions. It appears he is frustrated about passing by parliament of essential services instrument ÔÇô but in a democracy you have to accept the will of the majority ÔÇô you win some, you lose others. He says he is a democrat who wants reforms,” said Tafa of Rammidi.

Sunday Standard can confirm that in his meeting with Kwelagobe, Tafa and Patrick Masimolole, Rammidi told them he would only consider their request if Government withdrew the essential services instrument. President Ian Khama is, however, said to have made it clear that any return would have to be unconditional. This goes to show the extent to which Rammidi’s resignation from the BDP has now been reduced to a fight of egos and wills between him and the President.

In the meantime, the opposition parties are said to be falling over themselves trying to court the Kanye North legislator to their fold.

Early indications are that Rammidi prefers Botswana Congress Party over the Botswana Movement for Democracy and the Botswana National Front.

It is a fact that his constituency is a stronghold of the BNF, but under the still to be completed opposition cooperation, he still has a chance to contest under opposition ticket given the benefits that come with incumbency.


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