Wednesday, December 8, 2021

“The BDP has not set up a slush fund” – Dada

The ruling Botswana Democratic Party is said to be doing everything to make the Botswana Movement for Democracy lose its status as the official opposition in parliament.

Sources have revealed to The Telegraph that the ruling party has put in place tactics to lure back its former Members of Parliament who recently defected to the BMD.

The tactics include dangling millions of pula before the legislators, along with false promises of cabinet positions to frustrate the BMD and eventually reverse its status as the official opposition.
Sources talk about a leading wholesaler having recently contributed P40 million to the ruling party to assist it in its mission to destabilize the BMD.

Another allegation is that MP for Shoshong, Philip Makgalemele, who has rejoined the BDP, has been promised that he will be assisted in settling his debts with creditors.

In an interview, the legislator claimed he knew the story about him being offered money to rejoin the BDP was in the offing.

“I still live a moderate life and I’m at peace with myself. I have never been at peace with myself since I took the decision to join BMD. I realized that I should have fought issues from inside. My family and constituents put pressure on me to rejoin the BDP,” Makgalemele told The Telegraph.

The BDP has also rubbished the allegations that it has established a slush fund to destabilize opposition parties, in particular its offshoot, the Botswana Movement for Democracy as false and without basis. The BDP executive secretary, Comma Serema, denied such a fund exists.

The BDP treasurer, Satar Dada, also denied his party had received substantial funding recently:
“I wish I had that kind of money. I would be celebrating. I need money badly for the party.”

There are allegations that a local company known to this newspaper propped up the party with a handsome financial donation recently. The company’s financial director initially said he would not disclose information “over a telephone.”

He then denied the company had recently donated substantial amounts of money to BDP before adding that only the managing director would know better. The managing director was locked in a meeting by the time of going to press.


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