Saturday, June 15, 2024

BDP MPs disappointed over Reatile’s appointment

Mephato Reatile’s nomination as the specially elected Member of Parliament has shocked the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) MPs and members.

The MPs who spoke to The Telegraph on the side lines said they were forced to elect into Parliament someone of no value and someone who has been imposed on them by the President. The MPs said they only participated and endorsed Reatile for the sake of unity within the ruling party.

“The situation we find ourselves in as a party where it is evident that we lost popular vote in the 2014 general elections, we cannot afford any divisions because the opposition is breathing right on our necks. Even though some of us are unhappy about his nomination we continued to vote for him because now this is a party decision. It’s not about me and whether this nomination was caucused before or not it’s not here or there,” said one BDP MP who preferred that his expressions shouldn’t be linked to his name.

Another MP who preferred the party Secretary General Botsalo Ntuane over Reatile said nominating Reatile can never be linked to bringing any special skill to Parliament and Government but can only be a political move for those with powers to appoint.

“I do not know yet why he was nominated. He was here before and he was just a mere Member of Parliament. I do not know the special skills he has but his educational background does not say much,” said another BDP MP who also preferred not to be named.

Reacting to the murmers BDP Secretary General Ntuane said as a party they have endorsed two new Members of Parliament and the entire caucus as well as Tsholetsa House will give them support required to fulfil their mandate.

“Speculation can never stop because if it were not those two particular individuals, whoever had been chosen would still have attracted some speculations as to why them. Its water under the bridge and people must move on,” said Ntuane.

He added that as a party, they have not received any expression of unhappiness over Reatile nomination.

“This matter is closed as far as we are concerned.”

Botswana Congress Party (BCP) on Monday also expressed disappointment at the nomination of Reatile as specially elected Member of Parliament.

BCP Vice President Kesitegile Gobotswang told reporters that they were shocked when the name of Reatile cropped up as a specially nominated MP.

“We all know his failures. He has been in parliament before. He was even rejected by the people of his constituency. What he knows best is to joke about opposition MPs in Parliament. Is this the qualification that our Parliament needs? As BCP we say it’s not correct to say he can add any value to Parliament and the government. The nation has been misled by this government. We can never trust the ruling BDP,” said Gobotswang.

Reatile’s phone rang unanswered.


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