Tuesday, January 18, 2022

BDP politician found guilty over threat to kill

Francistown Magistrate, Dumisani Basupi, last week convicted Gosaitse Mangisi, a Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) politician for a charge of threat to kill.

According to evidence before court, on or about the 28th of February in 2013 at the Attorney General Chambers in Francistown, Mangisi who lost the BDP Primary elections in Francistown West Constituency early this year, threatened the life of her former husband, Doubt Mangisi by uttering the words “Ke batla go mmolaya ka molemo wa dipeba fa ke mo fitlhela ko lwapeng,┬á in vernacular meaning that “I will kill him by poisoning him with rat poison when I find him at home,”

She had pleaded not guilty to the offence.

In her evidence before court during trial, Mangisi denied ever uttering these sentiments.

She said that she went to the Attorney General Chambers to query about a case against her husband of threat to kill which had been dismissed and discharged by the Director of Public Prosecutions.

She said that she then uttered some words to her daughter and neighbor saying that the reason why some people poison others and take the law into their own hands is because prosecution does not take cases seriously.

“I merely said in Setswana, Batho babangwe ba tsenyetsa batho molemo wa dipeba mo dijong ka one mabaka a, meaning that some people end up taking the law into their own hands by poisoning them in food because the law is failing them,” she said.
Mangisi said that she uttered the words mainly because she was disappointed at the way the prosecution handled her case despite the evidence she had.

She said that she had a problem with her husband who had also threatened her life. Further, she revealed before court that at one time, her husband brought home guns and ammunition and felt that he was a threat to her life.

Her lawyer, Malike Mmohe, had argued in court during trial that the accused merely said the sentiments because she was hurt by how the prosecution handled her case.

However giving his ruling last week, Magistrate Basupi said that there was no sound justification as to why the accused should have said those statements.

“There is no sound justification as to why the accused should have said those words. According to her lawyer, Mmohe, the accused was hurt and disappointed by the withdrawal of the similar case before the magistrate courts by the prosecution. This cannot be a justification to say those sentiments. The prosecution has proved its case beyond reasonable doubt. She is convicted as charged,” concluded the Magistrate.

Mangisi is currently out on bail and sentence will be delivered on the 18th of July 2014. Ogolotse Tampa of DPP is prosecuting.


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