Monday, March 20, 2023

BDP spin doctor stops spinning

It was a short-lived spectacle. The ruling party pulled its resources to fend off the arrival of its splinter party, the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) along with the negative publicity that it received.

In this endeavour, the party roped in a Gaborone based lawyer to oversee its communication strategy ÔÇô a spin doctor to stem the tide and, in particular, to deal with the private press with the hope to restore the battered image of the BDP.

That was not to be.

Barely three months in office as the ruling party’s Public Relations Manager, Segaetsho Garekwe and the party treasurer have fallen out over his remuneration and is said to be on his way out, sources have revealed. It is unclear whether Garekwe delivered according to the party’s expectation.

That aside, the Sunday Standard has learnt that Garekwe is a bitter man after negotiations over his pay and terms of his contract with the BDP treasurer, Satar Dada, collapsed. Apparently the BDP treasurer put it to him that the party can only afford to pay him half of his total remuneration for him to keep his job.

Garekwe would not immediately deny or confirm that he was resigning his position and possibly the party as he was, by the time of going to press, mourning the death of his mother and sister.
“I will state my position next week,” he said Friday.

The party’s executive secretary, Dr. Comma Serema, while apprehensive to discuss “a personal matter between Garekwe and the party” said he was aware that Garekwe could not agree with the party treasurer on some terms and conditions of his employment, including pay.

Serema referred this publication to the BDP treasurer who did not take or respond to calls.
Garekwe was appointed by the BDP to roll back the party’s escalating tide of negative publicity.
Two months into his job, Garekwe had told the Sunday Standard he had not exactly settled in his new position. He still to get a proper office and says the economy is going through a rough patch; the BDP had not been spared. He said that he had been instructed to do more with less.
“It is a myth that the BDP is a rich party,” he said then.


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