Monday, July 22, 2024

BDP syndrome: worse than A.I.D.S

The Botswana Democratic Party ( BDP) leadership never ceases to amaze me.

There seems to be a serious disease sweeping through the ruling party leadership.

This syndrome of “speak now, think later” has turned even the brainiest of the BDP into empty vessels. This aberrant behaviour came with the ascendance of Khama at the helm of the country. The Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome(AIDS) is often associated with matters of the bedroom and I deposit that the BDP syndrome, on the other hand, is easily contracted through inclusion in the Khama led Cabinet. Someone can be intelligent and principled but all that evaporates as soon as they start being chauffer driven in those black German sedans. This is exactly why I get the jitters at the thought of newly appointed MP, one Dr Somolekae being opted into cabinet. Many people speak highly of her intelligence, tolerance and patriotism. The “jack of all trades” that she is said to be, she will have to guillotine her intelligence if she is to be Khama’s minister.

Intelligent people are not allowed in there and what I gather from those acquainted to Somolekae is that the lady’s brains dwarf those of the President. She will therefore have to downsize her thinking capability in order to make the cut. What a waste. She will have to behave and think along the lines of other cabinet women like Botlhogile Tshireletso who can be ridiculed by the president for her African figure and never raise a complaint. The BDP syndrome is exacerbated by the sufferers’ laziness to take medication in the form of apology even when they later realise they had been reckless in their statements. This is what makes the BDP more dangerous than the AID Syndrome which can be dragged into abeyance through drugs. I might sound insensitive by using the dreaded AIDS as an example but really when you address the BDP leadership you find no reason to be diplomatic because they too have erased that word from their vocabulary. Their President, Ian Khama Seretse Khama(I‘m still to understand the repetition of Khama), once poked his nose into the affairs of what was totally none of his business and pronounced ANC Youth League President Julius Malema as undisciplined.

At the time, Malema was always in the news for causing havoc in the ANC and not the BDP but the ever “me good” Khama couldn’t resist the urge to judge Malema. Because South African leaders are diplomatic, they will never tell Khama to his face that he must run his Botswana and leave their South Africa alone. Instead the entire nation here will continue to face sabotage from South Africa as punishment for what our loose tongued leader has said about ANC’s super boy, Julius Malema. When Khama lambasted Malema at Old Naledi, the BDP followers, as always, ululated and laughed. I don’t know why the Botswana Movement for Democracy are not telling the BDP that because of Khama’s unwarranted attack on Malema, ANC big wigs now sympathise with the BMD and have assisted in the Motswaledi’s legal wrangle with Khama. I’m still to understand this spell that Khama has on his followers that make them so gullible and submissive so much so as to make them laugh at all his sick jokes that would not even see him through the auditions of the television programme “so you think you are funny”. David Kau would not be impressed at all. Just last week Khama insulted his bodyguard in front of BDP followers and they laughed.

I wonder, in Khama, do people see Jesus Christ? A chief in D’Kar, just like many other chiefs wherever Khama goes, complained about the unruly behaviour of children in that small settlement and wanted Khama to solve the juvenile delinquency in that area. I later enquired and learnt that the chief has a wife and children and as such I don’t understand why, if he failed to discipline and mould the children in his village, where does he expect Khama, who is officially unmarried and without a child, to get the wisdom and experience from? Because Khama doesn’t know what breeds juvenile delinquency, he, as was expected, went for his now obsession, the alcohol levy and announced that he will be increasing it yet again. Because he makes decisions impulsively, Khama didn’t even take the time to investigate the root cause of unbecoming behaviour by the youth in that settlement. He is now going to punish some of us who drink regulated alcohol and decent places without affray. Those D’Kar residents won’t feel any pinch as they will continue to indulge in their home brew and beat each other with axes.

Khama has this terrible tendency of announcing decisions on his feet. Khama revels at being the first to make public announcements that should be made by his ministers. For the first time in the history of the budget speech session, this year’s attracted very few audience because by the time Kenneth Mathambo went to Parliament to read his speech, Khama had already pre-empted the speech at a Kgotla meeting by announcing that there would be no salary hike for public servants, a subject that drives many to the budget speech event. His Foreign Affairs minister, Phandu Skelemani, was on BTV over the weekend, yet again belittling President Rajoelina of Madagascar. He repeatedly labelled President Rajoelina a small boy who plays records (Disc Jockey). And not worth the recognition of Botswana. I was shocked at the minister’s unrefined language towards a Sate President of another country. I wondered if Skelemani would take kindly were Rajoelina to answer back and say Skelemani is a busy body who parrots to every of Khama’s word. Will Skelemani not be offended if someone was to say he is just a retired Attorney General who should be rotting in jail at the hands of the Fashion Police for his uncoordinated sense of wardrobe? Skelemani sees no priority in putting the country’s foreign policy in paper because as far as he is concerned, there is nothing wrong with our foreign policy being determined by the emotions of incumbent leadership.

It shocking though not surprising to hear Skelemani downplay Khama’s failure to attend a single meeting of the African Union and the United Nations yet he finds time to attend meetings of the Conversation International where he seats in his personal capacity though he attends at the expenses of tax payers’ money. Khama has brainwashed a lot of his Ministers to a level where they no longer think outside(his) box. They copy everything he does and says. Minister Frank Ramsden, after learning that Khama had said he doesn’t read local newspapers, also decided to follow suit.

He even spots an afro and weras a khaki waist coat. Someone once told me that the day I shake hands with Khama I would be transformed into his puppet and would conform to all his dictates. Well I dared Khama to shake hands with me but his personal secretary told me the president was so held up. Indeed he was held up riding donkey carts and inspecting backyard gardens.

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