Thursday, February 22, 2024

BDP will step up national recruitment drive – Tsogwane

Vice President Slumber Tsogwane has said that the recruits that continue to join the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) from the opposition are an indication that Batswana have trust in the party’s policies.

Speaking at a political rally in Maun, Tsogwane said despite a united opposition in the form of Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) the coalition movement is failing to convince people that they can be trusted; hence voters have decided who leave the party almost daily to join the BDP.

Tsogwane stated that the BDP has been on a recruitment drive which has so far proven to be a success.

“We are a party to reckon with. We preach unity and discipline at the BDP, and as you might be aware, we have recently revived the party by bringing in the new president, myself as the VP as well as the new cabinet,” he said.

Tsogwane added that this goes to show just how much the BDP is willing to better run the country and government.

“So you must expect a lot from this new broom as we are eager to work wonders for the benefit of all of you.”

 Tsogwane labeled the opposition as a confused lot saying they still lack the most important ingredient which is direction among, other things.

He said in no distant future, the BDP will drift its manifesto as a guiding tool ahead of the 2019 general elections.

“A lot can be said about the BDP as our presence is felt everywhere we go. The same cannot be said about the opposition because they are themselves very unstable. They don’t know where they are headed and therefore cannot even be trusted with the running of the country.”

A defector from the Botswana Congress Party (BCP) Fiona Lekgetho told the gathering that her former president Dumelang Saleshando has erred by announcing that he would contest in Maun West.

She said she would assist to embarrass Saleshando and destroy the UDC in general.  She said she would ensure that the Saleshando and UDC become even more divided ahead of the general elections.

Lekgetho said that Maun West people should not vote Saleshando because he is not only unpopular in Maun but also a political reject who should have contested in SelibePhikwe where he is known better.

“I am very angry with the BCP and its leadership for having wasted my time. We were like brainwashed and our minds literally programmed. The BCP instilled the spirit of aggressiveness in us as we opposed almost everything, even those we knew were genuine. I would have difficulty catching sleep at night while at BCP because my mind was always busy at work, thinking negatively about the BDP which has since shown me the true meaning of peace”, said Lekgetho.

Meanwhile Maun West BDP parliamentary candidate Reaboka Mbulawa has rubbished claims that the North West District has been deliberately sabotaged by the BDP led government hence the slow pace of developments in the area.

He cited the construction of the multi million pula Shakawe Senior Secondary School, the construction of Mohembo bridge, the Gumare and Maun bus ranks, as well as the refurbishment of the Thamalakane bridge as some developmental projects which have either been completed or are still under construction in the area.

He said people need to give credit where it’s due and embrace the many efforts made by government even under tough circumstances of financial constraints in most instances. Mbulawa promised to work hard to mobilize voters and strengthen party structures in the region so that they win Maun West.


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