Monday, August 15, 2022

BDP Women’s Wing reportedly not happy with Molao in Tonota North

There seems to be no end in sight to the bickering caused by the Botswana Democratic Party’s bulela ditswe primary elections. The Telegraph is informed that BDP primary election winner Fidelis Molao might find the going very tough for him as he prepares to battle it out with Botswana Congress Party parliamentary candidate, Dr Habaudi Hobona, in the September 4th Tonota North by-election.

Hobona’s campaign has been boosted by the support of the Botswana National Front and the Botswana Movement for Democracy.

However, it has emerged that Molao’s greatest challenge might actually emanate from within the BDP. The volatile primary elections have bred a lot of discontent, and it is almost a given that vanquished primary election losers will not support Molao in his campaign for the parliamentary seat. Even after the BDP’s electoral board tried to arbitrate an appeal launched by the primary election losers, some of them have refused to accept the loss.

Sources close to Molao’s campaign have also revealed that Molao does not enjoy the full support of the BDP Women’s Wing. The women’s wing is said to have approached the party leadership with a request that a female candidate should be given the constituency on a silver platter.

“They attempted to pressure President Ian Khama to prove that he is genuine in his claims that he subscribes to women empowerment. But their suggestion was vehemently opposed by the primary election candidates,” said the sources.

They accused members of the women’s wing of spreading a rumour that Molao is not to be trusted as he might defect to BMD after winning Tonota North on the BDP ticket.

“Their efforts to peddle this rumour were only negated because Molao went to bid the President farewell and assured him that he is loyal to BDP,” they said.

The Chairperson of BDP Women’s Wing, Angelina Sengalo, has however denied the allegations, saying they never asked that a female candidate be nominated for Tonota North.

“This issue was never brought up. We are only hearing o about it from you,” she said.


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