Monday, September 20, 2021

BDP young Turks plot to oust Dada

A small group of youthful wannabe businessmen inside the BDP are plotting to oust the long serving party National Treasurer and financier, Satar Dada ÔÇô Sunday Standard investigations have revealed.

The group is said to be unhappy with Dada, who they are unable to control, alleging that, over the years, he has steadfastly resisted attempts to detach party finances from his money.

Dada is easily the wealthiest person in Botswana with business interests sprawling every sector of the economy including the motor industry, property, telecommunications and the media.

The plotters, almost all of them newcomers in BDP politics, are said to be lobbying for the current Secretary General, Mpho Balopi to ultimately take over as treasurer.

They are said to be unhappy, that for a ruling party, the BDP remains too much dependent and at the mercy of Dada for its finances.

This group is said to have started a plot to undermine the car magnate, including backbiting him to President Ian Khama.

Dada is one of the longest serving BDP executive members having been returned to the position of treasurer unopposed on numerous occasions. Dada himself is aware of a plot to oust him.
In an interview with the Sunday Standard, he revealed that he was aware that there is an ongoing plot to oust him.

He said he is ready to accept a challenge or support whoever wants to succeeds him.
“I have always said that I want to step down…Its no surprise to me, but anyone who wants that post I will gladly assist,” he said.

“Why should they waist their money and fight…ultimately I have to hand over,” he added.
Dada indicated that after serving for so long he is looking for a successor. He said he wished those interested in the position could just disclose their interest.

If they did that would allow him (Dada) to handover by not seeking re-election when his tenure of office comes to an end, he said.

He also said that he has already been approached to stand again at the party’s next congress.
“Nobody has to fight for the position,” he argued.

“I put a lot of money and I support the party,” he said. Dada said that he is not driven by love for power but a desire to serve the party.

“You have to sacrifice, whoever comes must be prepared to sacrifice,” says Dada.


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