Monday, July 4, 2022

BEDIA fosters new businesses with Indian companies

In a bid to share specific business opportunities in different sectors, Botswana Export Development and Investment Authority (BEDIA) held an investment and trade forum with the Confederation of Indian Industry business delegation on Monday in Gaborone.

Various companies in the energy, transport and communication sectors were the government’s priorities towards a regional business hub. BEDIA Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Lameck Nthekela stated that BEDIA facilitates foreign and domestic investment in Botswana through a number of services.

He said any bottlenecks that they were confronted with on a daily basis are addressed quickly and as practically as possible.

“We operate as a one-stop shop within BEDIA to ensure speedy processing of all relevant authorisations such as permits and land applications and utilities,” said Nthekela.

Confederation of Indian Industry was in partnership with BEDIA at the investment forum. According to Nthekela, the partnership between the two organisations shows more business relationships will be established between the two business communities.

He, however, stated that Botswana is faced with various challenges such as the inability to penetrate some established foreign markets. He said the forum is a step forward towards advocating for partnership with other visitors from the developed world.

“Botswana offers various incentives crucial to business development and they should be of maximum use and benefit,” said Nthekela.

He said BEDIA is designed to assist in developing international market entry strategies that identify the objectives, resources or policies that will in turn assist participating companies develop their sustainable international business focus.

He stated that business can help ensure that markets, commerce, technology and finance advance in ways that benefit economies and societies everywhere.

He said there has been growth in the establishment of new companies that contribute to sustainable development. He urged the business officials and authorities to manage the global and local challenges they are faced with.

“Collaboration, based on long term commitment in a wide range of sectors, common interest and shared responsibilities are good for sustainable growth and we are in line with the implementation of the National Export Strategy,” said Nthekela.

Agricultural Hub Director Mmadima Nyathi said the Hub intents to be the catalyst for the commercialisation and diversification of the agricultural sector in Botswana, aiming to develop an enabling environment that will encourage, facilitate, and support a viable and economically sustainable agricultural industry. She stated that the Hub keeps database of potential foreign investors & keeps them posted on any investment opportunities arising.

“We want to privatise most entities which are underperforming and poorly maintained,” said Nyathi.


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