Sunday, June 4, 2023

Wizards hiatus ends with new album

After a long hiatus from the musical scenes, Wizards group has finally released a new album simply labeled ‘Malewa’ ÔÇô a title song referring to a dance move.

Lloyd Moape, the co-founder of the formerly Wizards of the Desert, revealed the unveiling of the album Friday as the group performed at the official opening of the new Choppies Store at Block 8 location in Gaborone.

Ushering in for the first time “bring back our girls” from the album, Moape told the audience: “This time the album will blow your mind.”

“The album is fireworks …one of the best of all our albums so far,” he further during the interview.
Wizards’ fans who have long waited for the next album, will have the chance to watch the group perform some of the songs from the album during Mokaragana, Flavour Domes television shows on Saturday and the Morning Show on Monday.

With “Bring back our children”, the group joins the bandwagon of world protesters in solidarity for the Nigerian school girls abducted by the infamous Boko Haram insurgents.

Originally four in number, two of the co-founders have dropped from the group for personal reasons and currently the Wizards are led by the lead singers Moape and Kealeboga Lerwele who have remained with the group.

“We originally were called the Wizards of the Deserts but our supporters failed to live up to the long name hence the change of name to a shorter brand,” Moape said.

The group has shot the video of the album with the same expected on the shelves countrywide soonest.
The launch of the album is also expected in no time, featuring strictly only local artists.

Even though the album has not reached the local fans as yet, Youtube response over the album is overwhelming and promising.

The Mokento and Phokoje fame, Wizards features renowned local artists and producers Mel-d and Zolasko in the latest album, envisaged to bring the group into the spotlight once again.

While Moape knows the sales of the album will not uplift their lives economically because of rampant piracy, the Mogoditshane born resident gains solace from the promising response so far obtaining as the group will now divert their attention to public gigs to make ends meet.


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