Monday, March 20, 2023

Berry Heart to share studio with stars in Ghana

Local poet Berry Heart will in May share a studio with renowned world artistes, among them international award winners. Each of the artists is going to record two pieces to make a collection of 12 songs.
A songbird for Change, as the project is called is a project that is sponsored by Brand Woman Africa and Michelle Mckinney Hammond Limited.
Berry Heart revealed in an interview that she is going to record her favourite poem, ‘Reading from She’, a poem aimed at not only praising a woman but also sharing the burden and joys women experience on a daily basis.
The poem compares a woman to an ocean through a well employed geographical metaphor. It is common knowledge that one does not need to understand an ocean to swim in it, so as complicated as the ocean may be, just like a woman, it is the source of life.
The crests and troughs of the ocean’s waves are equivalent to the ups and downs women go through.
“My second piece is ‘Children of my mother’. Here I am paying tribute to the souls of young women who lost lives to Gender Based Violence. I had the soul of the Form Five girl who was raped and later murdered by Masilo. I do not know the girl personally but the thought of her ordeal emotionally moves me enough to wish her peaceful rest,” said Berry.
She said according to the Founder and Creative Director of Brand Woman Africa, Anita Erskine, the project has nominated six influential female artists to record an album around women issues.
The female artistes are to write about social, emotional, professional, domestic, financial, and spiritual women experiences that are to be delivered through their art. The album will be produced by a Nigerian producer Charles Udoh.
Berry is also expected to submit an assay of 250 words about her experiences as a woman and her thoughts on women empowerment and how she thinks women can help themselves.
After using her artistic work to empower humanitarian organisations, the UN Ambassador in the United Nations Creative Advisory Council, Berry Heart now intends pocketing the proceedings from this project.


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