Friday, March 31, 2023

Berry Heart to launch lingerie and swimwear line

Well known for flaunting her sexuality, controversial poet, singer, dancer and women rights activist Berry Heart yesterday (Saturday) launched her lingerie and swimwear line called ‘For Dinner.’

Aimed at uplifting women who feel uncomfortable with their own bodies, ‘For Dinner’ specifically caters for thick women. In an interview with Lifestyle ahead of the launch, Berry Heart urged women to learn to appreciate their bodies and be comfortable with whom they are.

“All women are beautiful and they should feel good about themselves.  Wearing lingerie should make a woman look and feel sexy, not uncomfortable, despite their body type,” she said.

Berry Heart hinted about her lingerie line a few months back when she posted pictures of herself wearing skimpy lingerie in a foam filled bathtub on facebook. ‘For Dinner’ will be launched on Saturday 19th December at The Cigar Lounge, Phakalane. At the launch, women will be dressed in lingerie while men are expected to strictly wear suits. Berry Heart said lingerie and feminity are very connected in the sense that all women feel sexy on a great piece of lingerie. However, she said, women especially thick black women have been made to feel inferior in celebrating their femininity.

“Cigar patrons aren’t ready for what I have planned as my performance. Also I have initiated professional twerkers who also will be part of entertaining the crowd. Have you ever seen twerkers twerking in lingerie? I urge you not to miss this launch so you can witness for yourself,” said Berry Heart.

BOMU award winner Amantle, jazz singer Kearoma Rantao, Amo Maruping and Spiza will be part of the entertainment lineup at the launch. The lingerie and swimwear, manufactured in Asia will be available for sale at Urban Souls and Truville shops.


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