Thursday, May 30, 2024

BFA gets more millions from FIFA

FIFA continues to demonstrate its established commitment to the development of football worldwide by funding another project for Botswana Football Association.

This was witnessed on Tuesday at the ground breaking ceremony for the FIFA GOAL II project at Lekidi Football Centre.

The project is to put up a double storey hostel facility for use primarily by national teams, comprising 16 rooms, with a kiosk selling BFA merchandise and memorabilia.

The first project was of the construction of the BFA technical centre and administration offices. Both projects got the same amount of funds from FIFA US$400 000 (P2.6 Million).
The president of BFA, David Fani, expressed gratitude to FIFA and the government of Botswana.

”The BFA is grateful to FIFA for goal project funding, which has enabled many football associations to put up much needed facilities throughout the world,” said Fani.

He added that the expansion of Lekidi centre would further enhance the capacity of BFA to adequately provide for national teams and take the development of football to another level.

“I can assure all gathered here this morning that there will be no such delay in applying for GOAL III project funding which BFA will be eligible to apply for as soon as the hostel facility project is complete,” he said.
The hostel facility will be constructed by TAMLAC (PTY) LTD, the same company that was the contractor for GOAL I project. The completion of the hostel is scheduled to take 20 weeks.

“I have every confidence in the contractor and the team that will provide consultancy services for the project, but I nonetheless urge the entire team to ensure delivery of a quality project within budget and on time,” said Fani.

Fani further thanked the Botswana National Sports Council for allocating BFA a piece of land on which Lekidi stands, take note of the BFA national executive committee and the entire football fraternity in Botswana.

He also thanked Gladys Kokorwe, the Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture, for all her support during the short period of time she has been minister.
“The minister has been available and accessible and I personally have derived a lot of benefit from her support and counsel,” he said.

The FIFA Development Officer, Ashford Mamelodi, said one of the principles of FIFA is to create a house of football for every FIFA member. He also thanked the minister for the illustrious job in her short stint in the Ministry.

“I have witnessed the strong partnership of BFA and the government of Botswana, I would like to thank it, and it has a real impact on the growth of Botswana football.”

Kokorwe said Lekidi Football centre is where footballers are developed from grassroots into mature and responsible sport personalities who can market Botswana and earn a living for themselves.

“I appeal to the BFA to utilise the GOAL Project and come up with other viable projects to be considered for GOAL project 3,” said Kokorwe.

She said that government greatly appreciates the partnership with FIFA in the development of football as it has increased funding year after year towards sports development.

“I request the private sector and the business community to come on board and help government to develop various sport codes in this country and the contribution by FIFA is much appreciated,” she said. Due to the delay of some contractors in the past, Kokorwe appealed to the contractors involved in the project to work hard and within the scheduled period.


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