Sunday, October 17, 2021

BFA NEC denies a plot to oust Sebego

The Botswana Football Association (BFA) National Executive Committee (NEC) has denied plotting to topple the association President Tebogo Sebego. In another week full of drama at the beleaguered BFA, the NEC members, who had a meeting on Friday denied there was ever a plan to depose Sebego ahead of what is expected to be a tightly contested BFA Presidential and NEC election race billed for this year. According to sources, the NEC members, who have allegedly been planning to unseat the BFA President for a while now, had hoped to use the Friday’s aborted meeting to finally get rid of Sebego. The NEC has vehemently denied the allegations. “The rumours that we wanted to purge the BFA President have always persisted, but people have to understand that when we come here we are not here for the BFA President but we are here for football. We cannot just leave our jobs to come to a meeting intent only on purging the BFA President. Elections are coming and that is the only time the president can be removed from office,” BFA Vice President Technical Stephen Phetle explained. The sentiments were shared by another NEC member, Marshlow Motlogelwa, who described it as just another NEC meeting. “People just speculate and I think they need to start asking relevant people. NEC has its own operations and has a way of operating. They do have meetings and this was just that, an internal meeting, of which we cannot discuss details,” explained Motlogelwa, who along with Phetle, are said to have convened the Friday meeting.  The two were however at pains to explain why they decided to go ahead with the meeting, despite knowing that it had been cancelled. This was however repudiated by a source closer to the BFA NEC. “The meeting had a four part agenda, which was to discuss the BFA Electoral Board, BFA Annual General Assembly preparations, the Botswana Premier League case and lastly and most importantly, the BFA President’s conduct. What these people knew was that the first three articles of the agenda would not see the light of the day as various reports of the BFA structures have not yet been compiled, therefore the conduct of the BFA President would have been discussed. It was under this pretext that they would have pushed for the expulsion of Sebego,” the source said. In a bid to ensure the Friday meeting takes place, the conveners of the meeting are said to have tried to lobby the Botswana National Sports Commission (BNSC) and the Minister to ensure it does take place. In an email allegedly written to the BFA President on the eve of the attempted ‘Friday’s putsch,’ the conveners are also alleged to have threatened to report Sebego to both the Confederation of African Football (CAF) as well as FIFA. “Myself and VPF as your Vice Presidents have just finished a meeting with BNSC in which we were updating the BNSC about the current situation at the BFA and we have also asked the BNSC to brief the Minister about our meeting. We are right now compiling our detailed report to the minister through the BNSC and we will also take the matter up with both CAF and FIFA.I feel the BFA NEC deserve respect for them to honor their mandate to best interest of football and I have thought by now we would be operating like a board not factionalised groups serving the interest of a particular person,” reads part of the email, purportedly written by Phetle.
“You have taken so many drastic decisions without the consent of the NEC and some which were binding the NEC. We have for so long told you that you do not have powers to contract or make decisions for BFA without the NEC consent. The recent happenings in the game are because you are doing almost everything alone as if you don’t have a board. The board has resolved as per your last mail sir to have a meeting tomorrow and we will like I told you engage all the stake holders.
Please be advised that the meeting is on and the report that we are compiling will be availed to you. Let me tell you that the decision to take the matter to CAF and FIFA or any other relevant structure does not need to be voted for but you can be part of that willingly.
To the CEO, there is an ordinary meeting to be held at Lekedi tomorrow please prepare the needful and failure to do that will be tantamount to insubordination on your part,” so reads the letter.
Called for comment, Sebego said he deliberately ignored the email as it was ‘of no consequence.’ He said all along, there had been consultations with the NEC members to alert them of the postponement of meetings to tomorrow (Monday), to allow for all necessary reports to be availed. “The conveners of the meeting did it at their own accord and it was an illegal meeting. If they have any issues they want discussed, they could wait for Monday and raise them there and they will be addressed accordingly,” the BFA President explained. He however refused to be drawn into any other discussions, saying any issues will be discussed on Monday. 


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