Sunday, December 3, 2023

BFA pay hike freeze thaws into go slow

Amidst stall of the 2020/21 football season due to the novel Covid-19 pandemic, the ball is rolling at the football headquarters, Lekidi Football Centre over salary increment. 

The matter is reportedly escalating with allegations that employees are now dragging their feet to perform duties of the Botswana Football Association (BFA). 

Information reaching Sunday Standard indicates that it has been almost a decade since the last salary augmentation at the troubled association. 

A source within Lekidi Centre opting for anonymity revealed that the BFA top brass continue to turn a blind eye despite the remuneration matter dragging for over five years. 

It is said that salaries of some of the employees are shameful despite loyalty to the footballing mother body over the years. 

“It is so embarrassing for a brand big as the BFA to pay its employees peanuts. Some of the employees have witnessed change of guard within the top brass with hope that things will change but they are now hopeless,” a source revealed to Sunday Standard. 

It was revealed that some of the long-term serving foot soldiers at Lekidi Centre have since received salary increments during the tenure of former BFA president David Fani. 

The former was toppled from the BFA presidency office by Tebogo Sebego in the BFA electoral congress held in 2012. The Notwane president managed just a single term before passing the baton to Maclean Letshwiti after losing the 2016 and second shot in the 2020 BFA elections.

“Letshwiti is doing a second term in office and there has been several executive leaders at the helm of the association giving the matter a cold shoulder and never considered staff welfare. It is really bad for some of the staff who have waited for change. The other predicament is that the junior staff believe that it is only the executive staff who are privileged to get bonuses and increments while junior staff is sidelined,” narrated the source.

BFA Acting chief executive officer (CEO) Thabiso Kebotsamang shied away from the matter saying he cannot comment on administrative issues with regards to employees’ welfare. 

“I can’t discuss anything involving employees’ welfare. As far as I know no one is dragging feet and no one can drag feet at work as it is unacceptable,” said Kebotsamang.


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