Tuesday, November 28, 2023

DC Tours journeys into football as BFA development plans take shape

Botswana Football Association (BFA)’s endeavors to develop football from the grassroots received a major boost as DC Tours came on board to sponsor its regional associations.

The new 3 year sponsorship, which is valued at P3 million, was unveiled in a hastily convened launch on the eve of the BFA General Assembly this past Friday.

The sponsorship comes at an opportune time for the BFA who has of late been bleeding sponsorships, with many of its previous partners not renewing vows with it.

Speaking at the launch, DC tours representative Lapologang Molemele said their venture into football is fuelled by their desire to help it grow.

“We are sponsoring football to develop and nurture the growth of football in Botswana” he said. He added “we want to boost the work of the BFA at the regional level.”

Molemele poited out that their endeavour to venture into football was partly fuelled by the new BFA regime’s ambitious plans to develop the sport from the grassroots as well as to create employment.

For his part, BFA president, Maclean Letshwiti encouraged his regions to look after the sponsorship and use it to develop the game further. He said if the regional leaders misuse the sponsorship they will lose the support from DC tours.

Letshwiti observed that by venturing into football, DC tours are ‘contributing to the development not only of the game but to that of human beings’ physical and mental health as well.’ “You are helping the boys and girls not to be mischievous,” observed BFA boss.

Meanwhile, Letshwiti cautioned the regional associations to jealously protect the image of DC Tours and grow it to ensure the company has a return on investment from the sponsorship.

He said unlike in the past, sport sponsorship is no longer just a mere social responsibility initiative but an investment, hence a need for sponsors to reap the benefits of their investment into football.

“We are putting your name at risk; regional readership must protect DC tours brand,” Letshwiti said.

With BFA consisting of 17 regions nationally, the sponsorship, which equates to P1 million a season, means regions will get roughly P58 000 per season as compared to the P30 000 they are getting at the present moment.


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