Tuesday, April 23, 2024

BHC plants trees in Block 7

The Botswana Housing Cooperation (BHC) recently distributed 600 trees to residents of Block 7 to plant in their homes. This is intended to replace the trees that were removed during the early stages of the construction of Block 7.

Only indigenous trees were distributed, courtesy of the Department of Forestry and Range Resources (DFRR). Indigenous trees have already adapted to the environment of Botswana so the care they need is not as critical as those of trees that are exotic. All the trees were from different parts of the country.

Deputy CEO of BHC, Milidzani Majingo, said, “Let me take this opportunity to encourage you to play your part and plant a tree in your yards, by doing so you will not only be reducing the impact of desertification, but will be saving humanity for generations to come.” Majingo says the organization sees the need to restore the natural beauty of the landscape.

BHC carried out an environmental impact assessment before constructing anything in the area. Trees are expected to provide shade for the residents of Block 7 and act as wind breakers for the houses. These trees also contribute to fighting against desertification and the purifying of the air.

Selelo Ramatoko Ngakane, the district coordinator of the South East District from DFRR said, “BHC should cut plots before removing trees and then clear only the trees that are obstructing the construction of houses.”

He and his team led in the demonstration of planting a Motsentsela tree in Moabi Selohilwe’s back yard.

Ngakane reminded all those who were present to exercise caution when planting trees and plant them away from houses as the roots of trees can damage houses. He revealed that this year (November) the national tree planting day will take place in Ghantsi but before this day other districts will hold their own tree planting days in the district.


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