Wednesday, May 25, 2022

BHC programme to construct houses under SHAA

Botswana Housing Corporation since it started constructing houses under the SHAA programme has built and handed 170 houses to beneficiaries in all the 57 constituencies around the country.

This was said by BHC Corporation Public and Corporate Manager Gomolemo Zimona when answering a questionnaire from Sunday Standard on the progress they have made so far since the inception of the programme.

Currently, he said another 747 houses are still under construction and at various stages of completion.

He however explained that there are a number of challenges that they are facing in the process of delivering SHHA Turnkey Projects.

He said some of these challenges include the abandonment of projects by some contractors, slow progress of construction by some contractors, unavailability of water in some areas, shortage of building materials in some areas such as blocks, concrete stone river sand, amongst many as well as poor contract and financial management by contractors.

He stated that the use of small contractors of lower grades (OC and A) contributed significantly to many of the above challenges including slow progress of projects.

To resolve some of the challenges, the BHC Public and Corporate manager said in cases where contractors have abandoned sites and/ or where they have been slow to deliver, the Corporation has had to appoint other contractors to complete the work.

On the problems of lack of water he said that beneficiaries have in a lot of instances been encouraged to assist with providing water for construction if there is no water connection in their plots.

He further stated that the Corporation has had to purchase supplies from other suppliers outside the affected areas in order to alleviate the shortage materials.

To address the issue of poor financial management by contractors he explained that the Corporation tries as much as possible to pay suppliers directly.

Though the intention initially was to contract only lower grade contractors for their projects they will now be contracting those of B Contractors.

He however reiterated that they are aware that there are those in the lower grades mentioned above that have an impressive record and are performing very well and that they will continue to consider them for more SHHA Turnkey Projects.


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