Friday, July 19, 2024


The Woolworths Group has donated the sum of P15, 000 to the Tsabong HIV Men’s Sector to commemorate the opening of its new Riverwalk Superstore. The cheque was received on behalf of the health organization by the Minister for Commerce & Industry, the Honourable Daniel Neo Morako during the store’s official opening ceremony.

In a speech to dignitaries and guests at the function the Minister praised the Woolworths Group for its service record, noting that 2008 will mark its twentieth year of successful trading in Botswana. Thanking the Group’s management and Directors for their generosity, Moroka told the audience that Tsabong was his home village and, as such, he was especially pleased to be able to pass on the monies to assist in rural health education.

Woolworths also donated the sum of P5000 to the Breast Cancer Association of Botswana.

The Woolworths Riverwalk expansion was completed at a cost of nearly P2 million. It now covers some 1637 square meters, more than treble the area of the old store and an additional 25 staff are employed in the new building. The Group will also be expanding its operation into Kasane and Serowe in the near future.


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