Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Big Brother Africa II ÔÇô the romantic comedy

On the eve of Big Brother Africa 2, Sunday Standard’s columnist Loose Cannon pondered about the ideal male Botswana BBA2 representative, he raved about Gaetano Kagwa’s generous physical feature.

Apparently, he was such a big hit, throngs of female viewers especially looked forward to see him bathe on the nearest TV screen every single day, says Loose Canon. Though I watched the show avidly, I, personally do not recall graphically, BBA’ shower hours, but, our representative man, in Loose Canon’s opinion, was to either match or beat Gaetano, all in the name of national pride and of course ‘good television’.

What kept viewers glued to channel 37 on Dstv was the unravelling of a real life romance between Gaetano and South African Abigail Plaatjes via live satellite broadcast. Gaetano being one of the housemates who understood the value of ‘good television’ when vying for a cash prize of US$100 000, appeared intent on shocking the audience as he vocalised aims to having sex in the house. His intentions ended in slight wiggles under a sheet, while in bed with Abby.

Gaetano appealed to chillingly copious wannabe Don Juans who admired his ability to find a willing partner to partake in horizontally-disposed recreation on live television, with the possibility of her parents looking on, all in the name of good television. His return to Uganda accompanied by Abby reportedly caused a 4-hour traffic jam on a typically 45-minute road.

On the flip side to Gaetano’s fame, politicians and religious leaders across the continent were scandalised. Pastor Timothy Sekyanzi of the Church of Jesus Christ in Uganda prayed fervently for his eviction, according to Uganda’s Monitor newspaper.

Whether Pastor Timothy Sekyanzi’s prayers were answered is debatable because Gaetano made it into the last 5 housemates left but, however, did not win. Abby got the short end of the stick, as one viewer, among many others who were against her antics, called her the ‘resident whore’ on the shows website forum. Her ex-boyfriend publicly dismaying at her onscreen sessions in South Africa’s newspapers.

Big Brother being a show that is based on the psychological manipulation of twelve personalities who will live in confinement for three months, under the watchful gaze of twenty seven cameras, this year unveiled an open plan shower with three shower heads (reads: naked men and women showering, together), and the infamous Jacuzzi where a lot of fun comes undone.

The housemates are plied with 24 bottles of beer each and tequila every weekend and given tasks that manipulate, coerce and have them give ‘entertaining’ responses.

After being given a task of playing Spinmaster mid week, which turned into an unadulterated songfest, Friday’s treat was an alcohol laced slumber party in the living room; they were ordered to form a giant bed with their mattresses and watched a movie. In it was the loudest ‘adult entertainment-like’ movie sex scene I’ve ever heard which left bemused stares on the housemates faces.

Three of BBA2’s four couples had snuggled up to watch the movie while Tatiana and Richard who have been frolicking for the last two weeks kept to their own person. The movie, about a cheating husband, caused married Richard to scurry off to gaze at a picture of his wife and swearing an undying love to the photograph. Guilt speaking? Perhaps… because he nuzzled into Tatiana once more soliciting kisses.

This year’s housemates appear to have arrived in the house ready and open to romantic possibilities. The three cosy couples have created quite a stir and have received mixed reviews from BBA2 buffs on the SMS strap; some people are all for a love story. Richard, who kissed his wife and fidelity goodbye the minute he stepped in the house, has been rebuked and also tenderly warned not to fall for Tatiana’s wanton wiles.

Whether these relationships are genuine or game plans, it remains to be seen if any of them will result in any of the participants pocketing US$100 000 or ‘Gaetano-fame.’

Richard this week stands against Maureen and Meryl; all are involved in profound relationships, and its interesting if viewers are voting based on the quality of relationships, morals or on the premises of ‘good television.’


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