Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Big Brother Africa: The Chase begins!

Draped in a polar fleece blanket, armed with the television remote control and a cup of steaming hot chocolate anxiously waiting to unveil Botswana’s representatives for the popular reality series, it was the perfect setting for the show’s premier.

This will be 8th season of big brother Africa and this year, it has been dubbed “Big Brother Chase”. The chasers (the lady contestants) were picking partners based on their smiles displayed to them on a tablet and escorting them to their respective houses.

Viewers across the continent will have to agree that the one thing the chasers have in common is that they are quite a leggy bunch; they are 14 African beauties who will have viewers stuck to the television for the next 91 days.

Botswana representative, 26-year-old scientific research student, Motamma, caused quite a stir in the social media as she graced the stage for the first time in a modern day somewhat unconventional white dress, which many thought bore a lot of resemblance to a wedding gown. It was either you loved it or loathed it; either way, she got the attention and set the ball rolling. Her male counterpart 33-year-old radio personality, O’Neal, also made quite an entrance and proved to be easy on the eye as most ladies commented on the suddenly improved aesthetics in the big brother house upon his entrance.

Motamma’s dress was no exception seeing as all the chasers made quite an entrance, popular among both female and male viewers was Zimbabwean beauty, Phokello, as the men fell in love with her long legs, the ladies went into frenzy when they saw the interesting pair of shoes she was wearing.

Trending for the male participants this time around were the skinny jeans, prints and a lot of colour. These metrosexual choices of clothes were very popular but O’Neal stuck to the good old fashioned jeans, jacket and T shirt.

Motamma and O’Neal now have to battle it out with 26 other contestants from all over Africa for the Prize money of US $300.000.00 and will have to do anything and everything in their power to entertain the viewers as much as possible to keep them in the house.

In true Multichoice style, there was a screening for this launch where the show was projected on large screens and the surround sound gave the live experience and, as part of the fun and games, each attendant was given a key and a chance to open a surprise box which, after many tries was finally opened by Yarona FMs Kgosi ‘Dollar Mac’ Kgosidintsi. He walked away with a “Samsung hightec camera with all kinds of features,” explained the Communications Manager for Multichoice Botswana, Tshepo Maphanyane.

Viewers should, for the next three months, expect a game of strategy, alliances, betrayal, romance and extreme tension with the weekly nominations and evictions and, of course, the twists and turns of the rules in the Big Brother House.


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