Tuesday, April 16, 2024

BIHL Trust donates P50k to Tshwaragano Adventure Trust

BIHL this week reiterated its commitment to assisting communities in which it operates, in alignment with the Vision 2016 pillar of “A compassionate, Just and Caring nation” by donating P50, 000 to Tshwaragano Adventure Trust.

BIHL CEO, Mr. Gaffar Hassam, highlighted the mandate of the BIHL Trust, stating that in order to have a sustainable business; the Trust was established as a vehicle through which the Group could contribute to worthy causes in the community.

“It was therefore decided that BIHL would give 1 percent of post- tax profit arising out of wholly owned Botswana subsidiaries to the BIHL Trust to meet its objectives of empowering communities to be sustainable and alleviating poverty. As a financial services company which has a life insurance business as its subsidiary, being Botswana Life, we are always concerned with issues of mortality. So when a project of this nature arises, it’s a natural fit for us,” noted Hassam.

Going through the timeline of activities over the past year, Hassam highlighted the Trust’s focus areas as projects that contributed to the improvement of Education, Arts & Culture, Sports, Social and Welfare Development, Health and social security. Projects such as the BIHL Trust Thomas Tlou Scholarship, Maru-A-Pula Orphan & Vulnerable Children’s Fund and the Bana Ba Metsi Sponsorship, were highlighted as flagship projects which the Trust continues to service annually. To date BIHL Trust is proud to say that they have given back over P10 million to worthy projects throughout Botswana.

BIHL Trust also took the opportunity to announce a partnership with the Tshwaragano Adventure Trust, by presenting them with a cheque worth P50, 000 which will go towards the Cancer Association of Botswana (C.A.B.). In a bid to raise funds for the Association, two representatives of the Tshwaragano Adventure Trust, Moraki Mokgosana and Mahube Mpugwa will embark on a journey up the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. The trip, which takes place between 18th March and April 1st, will see the duo brave the elements for 10 days to arrive at the Everest South Base Camp in Nepal at an altitude of 5,364 metres. Through this initiative, the trekkers aim to raise P250 000 for C.A.B.

“The BIHL Trust believes in supporting initiatives that contribute to sustainable development of among others, Sports, Social Welfare, and Health platforms in Botswana. To our satisfaction, this initiative cuts across to touch on those areas. Part of our history and indeed our future, involves getting involved on various levels within the health arena, one of which is in the fight against cancer especially with the escalating cases of cancer being recorded in Botswana. We are therefore proud to be associated with such an exciting and novel initiative, which also presents to us an opportunity to further a noble cause we firmly believe in,” said BIHL Trust Chairman, Major General Bakwena Oitsile.
With a long-standing commitment towards bettering the communities and the environment in which it operates, 2015 will continue to see an increasingly strong dedication to CSI by the BIHL Group. Through the BIHL Trust, BIHL and its subsidiaries will continue to assist more projects which create sustainable development in communities, with an anticipated growth in the value, number and make-up of projects being supported.


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