Monday, March 20, 2023

Bizkid releases audio books on entrepreneurship and business

The founder and Executive Director of Bizkid International, Moshe Seloko, has released two audio books on entrepreneurship and business. In ‘The Entrepreneur Be The One’, which has 18 chapters, Seloko talks about the attributes that an entrepreneur must observe to become successful in business.

The topics in this audio book include: Be secure in yourself, Control your attitude, Perseverance, Improve yourself, Be honest, Listen and think before you talk, Be original, Be good to your job, Be inquisitive, Be a good planner, Be an implementer, The third eye, Focus on service delivery, Be practical and Be good to people.

The other audio book, titled Kick Your Excuses and Get Set For Success, tackles the common excuses that people often raise as barriers for entrepreneurship. Seloko talks about excuses such as: I don’t have money, I am too old/young, Fear, No connections, No support, No education, Too much competition, I do not have time, Waiting for the economy to improve, I’m still working on my business plan, I don’t come from a business family, Waiting for a killer idea, Its risky and I don’t have the confidence.

Seloko is motivational speaker.


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