Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Black Peril must prove they are Premier League material

It might be too early to make any predictions about the likely outcome of the current Premier League season because it has just started. But the way the first two weeks progressed somehow sets a tone, especially for likely relegation candidates.

With three teams scheduled to be automatically relegated at the end of the season, Black Peril seems to be the first one.

So far, of the two matches they played they conceded 11 goals and scored only two.
Before the league even started there were fears that the team seemed not prepared for the Premier League onslaught because they did not register many experienced players.

They might wake up when it is a little too late, though.

The highest number of goals they have so far conceded might heavily work against them at the end.
It is always imperative, especially for new teams, to collect points as early as possible. The other new comers, Tasc and Miscellaneous, did not have a bad start of the Premier League and seem to be prepared to fight. Each one of them already has points in their pockets.

On the other hand, some big guns haven’t started the league on a bright note as they continue to drop points.

A case in point is Extension Gunners and Notwane together with Uniao Flamengo Santos.

All the three teams lost their two opening matches. This might also work against them by the time the league heats up.

On the other hand, Mochudi Center Chiefs and Township Rollers seem to be determined to fight for honours. They have already registered two convincing victories.

Centre Chiefs are the ones who are leading the pack because they scored 12 goals and conceded only one. The interesting part is that their goals are scored by different strikers, something that is healthy for the team.

Rollers might have won their first two matches, with one of them being against their hoodoo team, Gunners, but the way the team wasted its golden scoring opportunities leaves a lot to be desired.


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