Saturday, December 3, 2022

BMD already assured of at least 3 MPs

The newly formed Botswana Movement For Democracy (BMD) may have netted itself three MPs, namely Botsalo Ntuane, Guma Moyo and Gilbert Mangole.

This comes after Moyo and Mangole, who are associated with the group, revealed this week that they will not appear before the ruling party’s disciplinary committee to answer to any charges, thus defying the party leadership.

“There is no way I can appear before that committee,” said Mangole, Member of Parliament for Kgatleng West.

He said that the reason why he was not interested in appearing before the committee is because party President Ian Khama, while at a star rally in Francistown, had attacked Barata-Phathi, adding that this is an indication that he would not be able to get a fair hearing.
“He went out of his way to attack us. By virtue of what he said, judgement has already been passed against us,” stated Mangole.

“What is the purpose of appearing before the committee if Khama has spoken? Those are his cronies and Khama’s views are the committee’s views,” argued Mangole.

Mangole further said, as a self respecting person, he was not going to lower his standing by appearing before a committee that has no integrity.

“I am not going to appear before a disciplinary committee of criminals and ex- convicts,” said Mangole.

Mangole said that he was a BMD member and therefore did not want to be associated with the ruling party.

“Only my constituents can call me for a hearing and if they do I will rush to answer any questions they might have for me,” he said.

Member of Parliament for Tati East, Guma Moyo, said in an interview that he was too busy to attend a BDP disciplinary hearing.

Asked if he would ask for a postponement, Moyo said he was not interested.
“They should not postpone. They should take a decision. Don’t they have better things to do?” he asked.

He said the BDP Disciplinary Committee is made up of people well schooled in abuse.
“I cannot subject myself to abuse. I demand respect. Does anyone of them have a conscience?”
He said the reason why he would not appear for the hearing is because he respected the people who voted him too much to allow himself to be abused by the BDP Disciplinary Committee.

“Even as I disagree with the President, I will not publicly exchange words with him. I respect his chair and expect the BDP to respect the position that I hold because I represent the people who voted for me.”

In a separate interview, the BDP’s Executive Secretary Batlang Serema stated that his party was not surprised that Mangole and Moyo have opted not to turn up for the hearing.
“It’s nothing new; we have always known that they are members of the new party. We will stick to our rules and pronounce judgement in their absence,” said Serema.

If the duo is expelled, this will bring to three the number of MPs the ruling party will lose to the newly formed BMD, after the party expelled Member of Parliament for Gaborone South West, Botsalo Ntuane.


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