Thursday, April 18, 2024

BMD executive committee planning to suspend Ndaba, Mmolotsi

The Botswana Movement for Democracy National Executive Committee has hatched a plot to suspend party leader, Ndaba Gaolathe and his deputy, Wynter Mmolotsi.

Sunday Standard has learnt that if all goes according to plan, a meeting that is to be held today (Sunday) will among other things suspend the two leaders.

This is part of the scotched earth policy by the faction that currently dominates the NEC.

The committee is dominated by a faction that is controlled by secretary general, Gilbert Mangole and Chairman, Nehemiah Modubule.

This faction has been accused on undermining the Gaolathe leadership.

Things came to a head when the faction admitted Sydney Pilane into the party against Gaolathe’s counsel.

Pilane is said to harbor leadership ambitions.

Recently Gaolathe and Mmolotsi have been traversing the country briefing the members about the stalemate at leadership levels.

All of the constituencies so far visited have called on Gaolathe to call a special Congress as a matter of urgency so that the members can comprehensively deal with all the issues paralyzing their party.

The Modubule and Mangole faction is worried that a Special Congress would wrestle control of the party from them.

They have said that the meetings addressed by the leader and his deputy across the country are unconstitutional.

The suspension of the two is expected to ignite fury and anger among members a majority of who have pledged loyalty to Gaolathe and Mmolotsi.


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