Thursday, October 28, 2021

BNF lobby lists shaping up

A month before Botswana National Front (BNF) national congress the name of Mohammed Khan, Member of Parliament for Molepolole North has cropped up as a candidate for BNF Vice Presidency.

This means the position will be contested by three candidates; Same Bathobakae- the incumbent Vice President, Mohammed Khan and Reverend Dr. Prince Dibeela, who is currently holding the position of Secretary for International Affairs.

Khan has confirmed intentions to contest to this publication.

He believes he is a capable person suitable for the position of BNF Vice Presidency.

He said in an interview that initially he was called upon to contest for the position of Secretary General that he has held previously.

Khan was BNF Secretary General from 2007 to 2010.

He said he declined on medical reasons. He said after falling down sometime last year, he got affected on the bones particularly his spine.

He says the initial medical report indicated that he was in a bad shape and he had to make sure he takes good care of himself. To avoid the risk of being paralysed he said he declined to contest for the position of secretary general because the position is quite demanding.

According to Khan his medical problem has improved and that is why he decided to contest for BNF Vice Presidency which he said was less demanding compared to the position of Secretary General. 

“The political scenario demands to have leaders with a proactive approach. We need leaders who can go out and be able to stand to any development occurring and I believe I am one of those. A lot of people, the BNF members believe I am proactive, that I  have got experience from the past and I am fearless,” Khan told this publication.

Ever since 2010 Khan has not contested for any position in the central committee.

He said during that time he focused all his attention and time in winning Molepolole North which he did in the 2014 general elections.

Though BNF lobby lists are already taking shape Khan said he is not in any of the lobby lists. He said he prefers to contest as an individual and support whoever he feels is a good candidate across all lobby lists.

The lobby lists for BNF national congress are not yet complete but the name of Duma Boko as the President of the BNF dominates. In one of the lobby lists Prince Dibeela is named as a candidate for Vice Presidency. Former Gaborone mayor, Harry Mothei, will vie for Chairperson while Gantsi North MP, Noah Salake will seek to wrestle the position of Treasurer from Aubrey Lesaso. 

Justin Hunyepa for Secretary General, Shampoo Matshediso for Deputy Secretary General, Peter Makwati for Organising Secretary, Kwenantle Gaseitsiwe for International Affairs, Dr. Elmon Tafa for Political Education, Eitlhopha Mokeresete for Labour, Moeti Mohwasa for Information and Publicity, Dr. Baleofi  Lekobe for Health and Isaac Davids for Economic Affairs.

The second list retains Same Bathobakae as Vice President. The rest of the list is as follows: Ferdinand Kgosikoma for Chairperson, Dibeela for Secretary General, Osimilwe Fish for Deputy Secretary General, Salakae for Treasurer, Sam Digwa for Political Education, Hunyepa for Labour, Bashi Sengwaketse for Organising Secretary and Tafa for Economic Affairs.


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