Friday, August 12, 2022

Mahommed Khan accuses Magama of lacking ambition

The build up to the Botswana National Front Special Congress took another new turn this week with the party?s Deputy Secretary General, Mahommed Khan saying the current Secretary General, Akanyang Magama, is ?not the right man for the job.?

?As Secretary General you are effectively the Chief Executive of the party. You have to be action oriented and interventionist.?

Khan said Magama does not have any of those qualities as he is ?bureaucratic.?

Speaking from India, where he is on a business trip, Khan said he respected Magama and hoped the Member of Parliament for Gaborone South will remain inside the BNF even after the Special Congress.

?He is a nice man who is good as a member of parliament bringing in motions. But has he been a Good BNF Secretary General? No. The Secretary General is the backbone of the party. I think I can do a much better job than him,? said Khan.
He said he would be challenging Magama for the Secretary General?s position.

Khan said while he supported the current BNF President Otsweletse Moupo for the top leadership position, he thinks there are some very good people in the other lobby list led by Kathleen Letshabo and Elmon Tafa.

?Moupo is the best person to re-stabilise the party. While I am not a factionalist, I think there are some people in the current executive who deliberately wanted to see Moupo fail.?

Khan said he was dismayed to see Moupo try everything to bring reconciliation which was ?unfortunately not reciprocated by the other comrades.?

Khan said Moupo?s decision to call a Special Congress was a good move because the differences inside the executive had become ?irreconcilable.?
?The party had become hostage.?

?I have been there all along. Moupo has consistently tried to preach peace. Throughout, he apologized to us of the damage that his London trip and the law firm troubles caused the BNF and pleaded with everyone to work for the benefit of the party. Others would simply not listen.?

Khan praised Moupo, saying that despite the fierce trouble he has been going through, he remained true to himself and ?avoided being malicious.?

Khan said if the BNF is not careful they will lose such constituencies as the two in Ngwaketsi that they currently hold.

?Those are no longer safe seats. We need a strong Secretary General if there is to be progress inside the BNF,? he said.


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