Saturday, June 22, 2024

BNF mobilizs UDC members to petition president over blackout

Opposition parties have gone all out to discredit the ruling party for shortage of electricity that has his the country.

An Botswana National Front Executive Committee impromptu meeting has resolved to mobilize its partners under the Umbrella for Democratic Party in their effort to petition president Ian Khama over the power shortage.

The impromptu meeting made a resolution to mobilize the first march to the office of the president before another mass demonstration takes place at the end of the month in City of Francistown.

The party has vowed to hold demonstration in an attempt to raise awareness on how Barswana are made to suffer despite the abundance of natural resources such as coal.

BNF Publicity Secretary, Moeti Mohwasa, said it was agreed that there is need to organize a match before they delivered a petition to Khama.

He said that the party’s executive committee was concerned that the shortage of electricity in Botswana had not only affected individual Batswana but also has crippled businesses.

Mohwasa explained that the party with other partners in UDC such as the Botswana Peoples Party and Botswana Movement of Democracy would mobilize their members to petition Khama on March 22.

He said another march of protest would be held on March 28 in Francistown where members of the UDC will demonstrate their dissatisfaction with the electricity blackouts.

Mohwasa said that the BNF was concerned that the ruling Botswana Democratic Party has used billions of taxers payers money to fund Morupule B power station which has worsened the shortage of electricity.

He said the party is not happy that Batswana are made to suffer when the country has abundant resources that its own citizens are expected to benefit from.

The BNF’s move to petitionKhama over blackout comes at a time when Botswana Congress Party youth league has already started canvassing the country seeking support from Batswana to sign a petition over water shortage and blackouts.

This week the BCP youth league was able to get 823 people to sign a petition over the water and electricity shortage. The youth league started at the main mall where they sought support before they spread countrywide mobilizing Batswana to sign the petition. The BCP youth league intends to seek the support of more than 3000 Batswana to sign the petition.


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