Friday, July 12, 2024

BNF to reconcile with estranged members?

The central committee of the opposition Botswana National Front was this weekend expected to consider several applications from its former members to rejoin the party.

BNF’s Publicity Secretary, Moeti Mohwasa, last week confirmed that former members who were expelled for different reasons have made applications for readmission.

“We told them to route the applications through the party organs so that the central committee can consider them during its next sitting,” said Mohwasa.

Lobatse Member of Parliament, Nehemia Modubule, confirmed that he has made an application for readmission, but complained that the BNF central committee is taking too long to respond. Modubule said he made the application two months ago, but the BNF has not even acknowledged receipt of the application letter.

In a related issue, BNF has withdrawn a civil case it had filed against Modubule and former BNF ideologue Elmon Tafa. In the application, the BNF wanted the high court to restrain Modubule and Tafa from holding meetings under the BNF banner, or purporting to present themselves as BNF members.
Modubule hailed the withdrawal as a good sign saying there is now hope that he will be allowed to work for the party that he has loved all his life.

Under the leadership of outgoing President Otswelese Moupo, BNF expelled and suspended a number of its key members, a situation that many say led to its dismal performance in the 2009 general elections.

Of late the BNF leadership, including Moupo, and newly elected youth league chairman, Kagiso Ntime, have been calling for reconciliation in the party.


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