Saturday, June 22, 2024

BNF youth league spurns BCP, support pact with BMD

A confidential Botswana National Front Youth League (BNFYL) position paper to the party central committee warns against a pact with the Botswana Congress Party (BCP) and supports a partnership with the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD).

The BNFYL position paper marked “confidential” states that “in pursuit of making the BCP a party of choice, the BCP made many shifts and turns all meant to ensure that the BCP after 2014 and beyond emerge as the sole contender for state power. In implementing its strategic plan, BCP looks for a partner which in the ultimate, the BCP intends to annihilate politically.”

The report further states that from inception, the BCP strategy was to annihilate the BNF.
“ Ultimately, the strategic plan of the BCP aims at swallowing other parties or making the BNF a relic of the past….Does the BNF intend to fold its arms and watch helplessly the BCP dominate it or swallow it or reduce it to a relic of the past?” The answer is a big no. The BNF must refrain from being used as a political pawn or decoy by the BCP, that is, the BNF must put its foot down and stop the BCP from dictating terms to it. The BNF must cease forthwith from being used by the BCP in implementing its (BCP) 2014 and beyond strategic plan of making BCP the party of choice whilst at the same time rendering the BNF a relic of the past.”

The youth league advised the BNF to “resist BCP overtures of ousting Hon. Botsalo Ntuane from the post of leader of opposition, rather the BNF should negotiate with BMD for Ntuane to complete his two years (2011-2012) on the post and then give it to the BNF for the remaining two years (2013-2014). In other words the BNF should opt for an alternate system of two years apiece between BMD and BNF. Why can’t BCP oust BMD mayors unceremoniously where the BCP shares power with BMD? Why is it that the BCP wants the BNF to oust Ntuane in an unceremonious and uncivilized manner? The answer is the BCP strategy is to see the BNF and BMD hating each other because the BCP is worried by the warm relationship the BNF has with BMD and BCP alike. The BCP wants itself to be kingmaker and no one else.”


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