Thursday, July 18, 2024

BNF suspends youth league president

Opposition Botswana National Front (BNF) has suspended its youth league president, Kagiso Ntime, pending a disciplinary hearing, the party has said.

┬áConfirming the suspension, the party’s Secretary General, Akanyang Magama, would not disclose reasons behind Ntime’s suspension. Magama would also not be drawn into discussing what action the party may take if he is found guilty of an offence.

“I┬ácan confirm the suspension but I do not want to pre-empt the outcome of the disciplinary hearing,” he said.┬á

It is understood that the party is not happy that Ntime suspended BNFYL Secretary General, Arafat Khan, who, in the eyes of the party, had done no wrong. 

Khan chided Ntime for undermining a resolution taken by the party to cooperate with other political parties to enter into an opposition Umbrella with the aim to unseat the ruling party as a collective by writing a position paper casting aspersions on the viability of the opposition Umbrella project.

 The BNF subsequently recalled Ntime from the negotiations where he represented the party. 
Ntime confirmed his suspension.

“It is true; I have been suspended. The Central Committee notified me of such on Saturday. However, I am still awaiting a formal letter and will be able to respond then,” Ntime said.

┬áIt is alleged that Ntime is working with some within Kopano to oust Duma Boko as President at the party’s next elective congress. There is another allegation that those who lend Ntime support in denouncing the Umbrella project are Kopano members who are eying council seats.


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