Friday, September 22, 2023

BNF youth vow to revive the party’s traditions

Botswana National Front Youth League presidential candidate Kagiso Ntime has called for the BNF to return to its roots and re define itself as a mass based organization that is endeared to the course of addressing the plight of the working class.

Addressing a press briefing at the launch of his campaign team, Ntime said that if elected to office he will ensure that the BNF returns to its role of being the voice of the voiceless.
“The BNF has always been a voice for the voiceless masses, and in return relied heavily on the masses. That tradition is fading. Mass based activities like mass demonstrations and toyi toyis must be reinstated immediately” he said.

Ntime also said the growth, capacity and vibrancy of the BNF has been challenged by growing instability within the movement, a departure from its traditions, moribund structures and politics of cliques and cabals.

He said the BNF structures have collapsed, while members have left to join other political parties mainly because they are not schooled on the party ideology.

“BNF study groups must be revived to induct and train cadres, especially the youth, on party ideologue. It is critical for the rank and file to understand the discourse we are fighting for” he said.

He said that if elected as BNFYL President, he will advocate for reconciliation within the party, as it is now tome to shake hands and work together.

He said that BNFYL will promote inner party democracy so that all members must have a sense of belonging to the organization.

Ntime also said that the BNF constitution needs to be revived to allow for a more robust and empowered youth league.

Members of Ntime’s campaign team include among others Arafat Khan, Tona Mooketsi, Boykie Gaofiwe, Tlamelo Shadikong and Ofemile Mabote. The BNFYL goes to its national congress in Kanye on May 1 and 2.He will be contesting for the presidency against Tona Selala and Chalido Madome. It is widely believed that the BNFYL elections will determine who will be elected as BNF President in July. While Ntime maintained that in time they will openly declare who they support as BNF President, it is widely believed that they are aligned to Duma Boko’s camp. Boko will be standing against Olebile Gaborone and Gabriel Kanjabanga.


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