Sunday, May 29, 2022

BOCCIM Northern Trade Fair regarded a success

During the BOCCIM Northern Trade Fair launch in Francistown on Friday, the Assistant Minister of Trade and Industry, Duke Lefhoko, regarded the Northern Trade Fair as a resounding success ever since its first launch in the second city by the then Minister of Trade and Industry, Ponatshego Kedikilwe.

Lefhoko pointed out that ever since its establishment, there has been a significance of positive results as more entrepreneurs and private organizations were highly participating in the fair. The minister further urged participants that it was essential that they take advantage of the fair because it would help them to sharpen their edge of competitiveness and be able to penetrate markets with ease.

“In 2008, the Southern African Development Committee (SADC) decided to declare the SADC area a free trade area, therefore the business community can continue and take advantage of this privilege to market them and sell their products,” remarked the Minister.

He urged the public to participate in such workshops as it would be easy for them to network and share ideas. The minister indicated that the markets competitions were getting stiffer every time therefore there was need for the business community to put much effort into the competitiveness of their products so that they can be able to compete nationally and internationally.

Lefhoko also indicated that the business community should use organizations such as BEDIA to market their products and indicated that it would also boost the country in attracting investment.

The minister went on to applaud LEA (Local Enterprise Authority) for providing quality services to the public.

The Vice President of BOCCIM, John Wellio, concurred over the success of the trade fair “as it has attracted interest from international economies to come and exhibit their products in the country”. He stated that the trade fair was an eye opener to the business community and it was a very good opportunity for the business community to expose their products

He mentioned that it was also an opportunity for the private sector, especially for the opportunities to expand their business. Wellio indicated that Batswana needed to look for opportunities that can help the economy, especially in its diversification strategy.

BOCCIM Northern Trade Fair was established in 1994 as an innovation of the Francistown businessmen who wanted to provide support for enterprising community that could contribute to the town’s economic development. It was celebrating its 15th year Anniversary and the theme of the fair was Competitiveness, Strategy For Growth.


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