Friday, March 1, 2024

BOCCIM urges business community to use trade fair

The Botswana Confederation of Commerce Industry and Manpower (BOCCCIM) has encouraged all its members from all sectors, SMME and large to participate at the upcoming Consumer Fair.

BOCCIM Public Affairs and Communications Manager, Komissa Burzlaff, said the trade fairs and exhibitions should be an essential part of their marketing plan, as they are where potential opportunities and leads can be found, partnerships and networking can be established and businesses can create awareness about their products and services. She also said it also is an avenue to assess competitors, conduct market research, attract new clients and strengthen relations with current customers.

“If businesses in Botswana want a competitive edge in regional and international markets, then by all means, it’s important to have foreign businesses participate at the fair,” said Burzlaff.

She said that the fair will not only give foreign companies a chance to access Botswana’s market but will give Botswana businesses an opportunity to learn how they (foreign companies) conduct business, what they have to offer, and even a chance to create potential strategic alliances.

According to Burzlaff, it is also important to realise that businesses now need to think regionally and globally.

“We need to take advantage of the Free Trade Agreements that exist to alleviate trade barriers and partake in activities which open doors for trade beyond our boarder,” said Burzlaff.

She said that the consumer fair is an annual must-attend regional trade event, which can encourage continued progression and raise business standards.

She stated that the spillover effect will be seen in the tourism market, and for those few days inject foreign spending in Botswana’s market. Burzlaff said it will be an eye opener and learning experience, especially for upcoming entrepreneurs and those that have just started out in business. She stated that companies that have been participating in multiple trade fairs will appreciate the attraction of consumers to the event, and will be able to reconnect with their clients as well as unlock potential partnerships and new clientele.

Fairground Holdings is expected to host the Botswana Consumer Fair for 2011 tomorrow. The exhibitors are expected to display and sell their goods and services to a wide range of customers. Also it is a platform for service providers and business community to educate the general public on their mandates. The exhibitors are expected from SADC region, Lesotho, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana and also Japan.

The fair is scheduled for July 25-31 in Gaborone.


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