Monday, May 20, 2024

BOFEPUSU threatens to sue State

Botswana Federation of Public Private and Parastatal Sector Unions (BOFEPUSU) has threatened to take government to court over its reluctance to revive the public service bargaining council.

BOFEPUSU President Johannes Tshukudu said court papers will be filed immediately after the lapse of the state of emergency, end this month.

He said the federation was advised by its attorneys that they had a slim chance of succeeding before courts under the State of Emergency.

“I want to believe that people will not be shocked because when you have been speaking to someone politely, the best way now is to step up,” he said.

He added that it was evident that the previous government administration disregarded the PSBC, further indicating that Masisi promised to revive it but nothing has been communicated.

“We have decided that before going the legal route, we will engage the Minister responsible for employment and also the Minister responsible for presidential affairs because we have tried to engage government on this issue but the exercise proved futile,” added Tshukudu.

He stated that the PSBC has been non-existent since 2015 as many delay tactics were employed to ensure that it is defeated at the time.

“In terms of international labour organization, it is a requirement that there should be a platform to discuss such issues,” said Tshukudu.

He said the union federation will also consider taking up the issue with the international labour organization.

“We will explore all available options to force government to resuscitate the PSBC, we will also hold national demonstrations,” said Tshukudu.

He says President Masisi “should come forward to tell us what has stopped the revival of the PSBC and also to understand whether there can ever be anyone to differ with the President when he has issued a directive,” added Tshukudu.

He also said the union federation is itching to discuss a number of issues affecting public, private and parastatal sector workers.

He said PSBC will also afford them an opportunity to review the current labour laws and establish if they are still relevant during this time.

BOSETU Vice President Mogomotsi Motshegwa noted that Masisi had made a deadline that by September last year, the PSBC would be  up and running.

“He went on to make another pronouncement at the Francistown Labour Day Commemoration to say that his government will be working with the trade unions to resuscitate the bargaining council,” Motshegwa said.


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